Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 year anniversay

I can't believe how fast ti has flown by but we have been married a little over a year now! Our one year anniversary we celebrated a week late but still had such a wonderful time. We spent the week end in ouray, hiking, sitting in the hot springs, and picnicing. The weather turned out beautiful and we got to hike around some falls that it had been years since we had been to. They gave us the honeymoon suite at our hotel which we didn't even get on our honeymoon so that was a treat. What a great 1 yr anniversary trip!

Just a few little tips from my first yr of marriage:

1. Think before you speak
2. Put his needs above your own
3. Keep communicating
4. Most the time, the little arguements are not even worth it
5. It's okay to do things apart every once in a while

All these things I was told before I was married yet somehow it sticks more when you have to experience it yourself :) Overall its been a great year! If all my years of marriage were as good as the first one, I would be one lucky girl.

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